iPads for Teachers – 3 Training Stages

  1. Teachers first have to be comfortable using the iPad itself.
  2. Next the teachers need to master how to receive and provide content in a classroom - not a simple task as iPads weren't designed for class interactions.
  3. Finally, teachers have to build up their knowledge of apps which can be most effective at helping students achieve their learning outcomes.


creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by flickingerbrad

Teachers can try to keep up with the latest developments but most don't have the time or inclination to try the latest innovation that arrives via emails or colleague suggestions. Little gets past their filters. 

Can your staff name these 4 iPad apps? 

icon for quizlet app             Nearpod                          


In my experience, teachers are most receptive to new ideas if they are given a time away from their offices and constant interruptions, and provided with a quiet venue elsewhere in the school where they can relax with a cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit and be engaged in a workshop tailored to their needs.


If schools can provide the venue, I can provide the webinar.  Digital skills training with a human face :)  

This course will cover a range of tools that provide essential functionality for teachers if they are to be confident in facilitating lessons in an iPad classroom:


  • Send and receive files. Box.com is best for collaboration and fine tuning interactions between teachers and students.   
  • Create quizzes and surveys. Google forms can enable teachers to keep up to date in real time with how students are performing in classwork
  • Delivering material in a predefined sequence. NearPod. There are times that teachers wish to deliver content in a definite sequence, and not have students racing ahead or falling behind in class. NearPod achieves this by controlling what the students can see and do. Teachers can deliver PowerPoints or Keynote slides, multimedia, quizzes, receive answers to open ended questions, and even have students draw and submit pictures.